Collaborating globally in conquering Head & Neck Cancer

Diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer in the past decades have advanced to new heights. By 2009, unfortunately, due to lack of resources, inadequate number of trained specialists and magnificent distances, high quality specialized treatment was not accessible for most patients especially in many Asian countries, ex-Soviet states and parts of Eastern Europe. At the same time there are lots of achievements in the non-English speaking countries that remain unknown in other parts of the world. Other challenges that we face are the differences in culture and socioeconomic conditions. To deal with the challenges facing the patients and specialists in these regions of the world it is very essential to have a platform for active interaction of specialists throughout Eurasia.


A group of head and neck cancer specialists from different countries including Russian Federation, India, Republic of Belarus, China and Italy together proposed to conduct a Eurasian meeting for head and neck cancer specialists where experts from Europe, Asia and the rest of the world could have a broad platform for interaction irrespective of linguistic, cultural, political and economic differences.


Based on the above-mentioned, the first Eurasian congress on head and neck oncology (EACHNO) was held in the city of Minsk, Republic of Belarus on July 16–19, 2009, taking into consideration comparatively affordable costs for accommodation and other organizational expenses. More than 400 specialists from Asia, Americas and Europe took part in the event.

The founding board meeting of the Eurasian Society of Head & Neck Oncology (EASHNO) was held during this congress under the leadership of Professor Fausto CHIESA, the Chairman of Head & Neck Surgery at the European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy. Professor Fausto Chiesa served as the President of EASHNO from 2009 to 2011.

In 2011, prior to the Second Congress in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Professor Subramania IYER, Chairman, Department of Head & Neck and Reconstructive Surgery at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, India took-over as the President of EASHNO. EASHNO conducted it’s biennial congresses further in the years 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation; Chennai, India and Sochi, Russian Federation.

Our Mission

  • To influence on the improvement of prevention, early detection, quality diagnostics, treatment methodologies and rehabilitation of Head & Neck cancer patients.

  • To facilitate Multi-disciplinary interaction especially between clinicians, pathologists and radiologists.

  • To promote basic, translational, clinical and population research in Head & Neck cancer


Our Activities

  • Multidisciplinary Forums on head and neck cancer, thyroid cancer, larynx cancer and oral cancer;

  • Live-surgery Master Classes;

  • OncoPathology Seminars;

  • Cancer Early Detection Weeks;

  • IFHNOS World Tours in Russian speaking countries;

  • World Head and Neck Cancer Day activities;

  • Fellowships and Stipends to young and dynamic individuals